Scat Mat
Radio System/Pet Safe 

The Scat Mat Concept:
The Scat Mat provides instant negative reinforcement at the exact time and place of an offending behavior. With the Scat Mat in place, it is the environment which conditions your pet, rather than you the owner.

How It Works:
The Scat Mat electronics emit pulses similar to common static electricity. Touching two of the wires on the mat surface will complete a circuit, causing the pulses to be felt. These harmless but surprising pulses repel most pets and condition them to avoid the location of the mat. It rarely takes a pet more than one or two exposures to the Scat Mat to get the idea. However, periodic reinforcement may be required. Should this be the case the Scat Mat should be laid out again.

It is not intended to be left in place permanently, although in some situations this may be necessary. Effectiveness and length of time for results to become apparent varies by pet. Variables affecting results include paw pad toughness, pet size, intelligence, memory, temperament and motivation to perform the unwanted activities.

Mat Positioning:
Place at a location, or in the path leading to the location where the pet exhibits the undesirable behavior. Position the Mat so the pet must step on it with two feet before reaching its objective. Suggested locations are: on or beside furniture, inside the entrance of a room, on the hood or roof of an automobile, or on the spot a pet has repeatedly soiled upon. The Scat Mat will not   stop a pet from scratching, shedding, spraying or making a mess. It can only prevent the pet from returning to the location where the activity has taken place, thereby breaking the cycle and preventing further damage. Each problem spot must be addressed individually.

Mat Removal:
There are two school of thoughts on when you should remove the Scat Mat. The preferred choice is right after the pet has begun to avoid the area (after one or two exposures) The second option is to leave the mat in place for a month or longer to habituate the pet to going around the problem area protected by the Scat Mat. The theory in this case is that the pet will develop a new traffic pattern that avoids the problem location. The stronger the pets motivation is to spend time at the problem location, the more likely it is that you should employ the second option of long term usage. It is also possible to employ the first option, and if it fails then try the second.

Safety and Approvals:
The electrical energy emitted by the Scat Mat is extremely small. It is therefore common practice to test the device by placing the heel of one's hand across two adjacent lines on the mat to confirm it is working. Should a small child come in contact with the mat, he or she will recoil from it, just as an unsuspecting adult will.

Medtronic Canada, a pacemaker manufacturer, concluded that under normal use, the Scat Mat presents no problem to individuals wearing one of their devices, even during accidental contact with an energized mat.

American and Canadian Humane Societies, the Canadian Council on Animal Welfare and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association have deemed Scat Mats an acceptable product for use in situations where positive reinforcement is not effective. They consider the Scat Mat to be a humane, and potentially life-saving product.

For best results use the right size Scat Mat(s) for the job, put the Scat Mat down with the pet out of sight, and use the highest setting appropriate for the pets size. Introduce the Scat Mat with new furniture, especially if the old was destroyed by the pet, and conceal when possible under car covers, sheets, tablecloths etc. to minimize the chances your pet a will associate the uncomfortable ness with the Scat Mat.

Reduce the chances of someone tripping over cord(s), or your pet chewing them, by tucking them as far out of sight as possible. Also, it is best to warn individuals of the Scat Mat's existence before they encounter it unexpectedly.

Entrance control is the toughest job for the Scat Mat.

If your pet exhibits interest in sneaking around or jumping over the Scat Mat you can improve your level of control by adding an Extension Mat to increase the mat area or placing obstacles behind the Scat Mat to slow the animal down and force it to 'engage' the mat.

If training a pet not to go through an entrance which has a door, we recommend using the door as an obstacle to slow the pets progress across the Scat Mat. Controlling the speed of the pet across the Scat Mat will insure two paws land on the Mat. This will significantly increase your Scat Mat's effectiveness On the first day lay the mat on the threshold with the majority of the mat inside the room the pet Is to stay out of. Prop the door open just wide enough for the pet to squeeze through. Stop it from opening further with a heavy object. In the days that follow, gradually increase the size of the door opening. After a few, weeks the pet should have given up trying and the door can be left open. If a door isn't available, you can use a large object such as a cardboard box, hamper, chair, etc. 

Unlike many other situations where the mat can be removed when avoidance begins, this in not     usually possible with entrance training. It is OK to leave the Scat Mat in place and ON indefinitely

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