KamarĀ® Heat Detectors
Kamar, Inc.

A Kamar Heatmount Detector is glued onto the tail head of a cow. When a cow wearing the heat detector is mounted by a herdmate, constant pressure from the brisket of the mounting animal turns the detector red. This leaves a visible indication that the cow stood to be ridden, and therefore may be in heat and ready to breed. Other signs of heat should always be watched for to confirm that a red marker resulted from standing heat. There is an exclusive built-in timing mechanism designed to distinguish false mounts from true standing mounts.

Application Procedures:

  1. When necessary, curry the tailhead area to remove dirt and loose hair. 
  2. Normal hair length is desirable to provide the foundation for adhesive penetration and staying power. Excessively long hair should be trimmed back to normal length. 
  3. Apply adhesive onto the prepared area of the tail head and work it deep into the hair with the spreader (or an old ear tag) to assure deep penetration. This is very important to provide a strong foundation for maximum adhesion. 
  4. Apply a thin layer of adhesive to the back of the detector and spread out evenly. 
  5. With the arrow pointing forward, place the detector on the cow and pres down firmly on the outer cloth portion.

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