Pull-EZE Lamb Puller
Beaver State Plastics, Inc.


The Pull-Eze Lambing Instrument will save both lamb and ewe even in most difficult cases ‑ without danger or damage to either.


  1. Place the ewe in normal lambing position.
  2. Hold the instrument in the left hand and place first three fingers of the right hand through the loop of the cord. Allow the fingers to extend their full length through the loop ‑ this leaves the thumb and little finger outside the loop (see figure 1.)

  3. Insert the instrument and hand into the ewe. When well inserted remove the thumb and little finger from outside the loop and place inside the loop. All of the hand is now inside the loop and free to use in the operation.
  4. Take a firm grip of the head of the lamb and pull forward. Push the "Y" of the instrument well up and under the neck (see figure 2 "A").

  5. Place the cord over the head and behind the ears of the lamb and with the left hand tighten the cord so that it fits snugly behind the ears. (To tighten the cord while the right hand is still in the ewe; place the flat end of the instrument against the right knee of the operator; this will steady the instrument, leaving the left hand free to pull on the cord).

To get the legs into position:

  1. After the cord is in position behind the ears of the lamb, pull the instrument one or two inches forward toward the operator, which will leave a gap between the "Y" of the instrument and the neck of the lamb, through which the legs can be pulled. Hold the legs in position with the right hand and again tighten the cord with the left, using the method previously described.
  2. The head and legs of the lamb are now lying in the correct position; in the loop and along the "Y" of the instrument, the cord has been tightened and the lamb is in normal lambing position (see figure 3).

  3. To take the lamb away, hold the cord and instrument firmly together with the left hand and draw toward the operator. It is important that the right hand remain in the ewe with fingers extended along the head of the lamb at this state, so as to guide the nose of the lamb past the pelvis, as without this assistance the nose of the lamb may twist slightly and jam behind the pelvis (see figure 3).
  4. As soon as the nose and two legs enter the pelvis the right hand is withdrawn, a steady pull is maintained with the instrument and the lamb will be born without stress or strain to the ewe.

The Pull-Eze Lambing Instrument is manufactured from a specially prepared synthetic to which foreign matter does not readily adhere.

To Sterilize: Pour boiling water through the instrument or use a recommended solution of any reliable antiseptic.


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