Tail & Naval Cauterizing Instrument

Directions For Use:

Plug TNSC instrument into a grounded 110 volt outlet. Allow sufficient time for tool to heat with blades apart in the tripod position. Leave TNSC plugged in while in use.

Hold the pig in the left hand with head tucked under elbow. Place thumb at the base of tail, pull skin toward the pig's head, place the large notch under the pig's tail and push instrument toward the body of the pig and sever slowly. This allows for the skin to roll back and cover some of the severed area.

As soon as the sow farrows, take pigs and cut the navel cord two inches in length or so it does not drag on the floor. Cut slowly so the cauterizing action can take place. In cases where the navel cord is thicker you may need to press the heated blade slightly against the cut to cauterize and stop the bleeding.

Good quality equipment deserves good care. Remove heat element after cooling and  

Then scrub clean and oil blades after each farrowing is completed.

Do not touch blades or heating element above the grip while instrument is plugged in. 

Do not clean with water or immerse in water before use. Keep out of reach of children.

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