Oral Calf Feeder
Rhinehart Development Corp.

An easy to use, safe and efficient colostrum delivery system designed to save calves' lives. Made of non-toxic, heavy grade plastic, it is durable, reusable and safe. The teardrop shaped ball is designed so that the esophageal probe cannot be inserted into the trachea. The plastic tube is smooth to prevent needless irritation. Provided with a sturdy loop for easy hanging, it eliminates the mess while permitting an even flow. Designed to safely administer fluids to baby calves as an aid in combating sours and dehydration. Use the oral calf feeder to promote your own medications for calf scours.

Directions For Use:
Head should be extended. Insert the probe to the left side of the calf’s mouth, above the tongue, and gently push the probe halfway down the throat. It will find its way to the esophageal opening.

When the bag is empty, re-clamp to keep air out of lungs, pull out probe, unclamp, and rinse bag and tubing and drain.

Special Hints: Warm the liquid, clamp off tubing, pour liquid into bag, remove air from tubing by opening clamp, then re-clamp, and wet plastic stiff probe. Flow of the colostrum may be adjusted by partial re-clamping and by raising or lowering the Oral Calf Feeder bag. If the colostrum is thick, leave clamp wide open.

Sanitize after each use. Store the product in a clean and dry place.

Packed individually in sealed poly bag. 12 per case.

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