Ballistic™ Overreach Boots
Professional’s Choice®

Ballistic™ Overreach Boots:
Go Ballistic with these innovative bell boots that are made with Dupont's Original™ Ballistic Nylon -- a material used in the manufacturing of bulletproof vests. Constructed with the same pattern as our popular Secure-Fit Overreach Boots. Ballistic Overreach Boots use the Ballistic Nylon as the outer covering and binding at the bottom of the boot. This makes these boots double tough, and able to take the daily abuse of riding, no matter what your discipline. The Ballistic Overreach Boots are designed to work with Professional's Choice Protective Boots, including SMB IIs®, Splint or Leather Boots (sold separately).

Application Instructions for Ballistic Overreach Boots:
Note: When applied correctly the hook/loop straps should be facing forward with the No-Turn Knob at the back of the hoof.

1.       Position the No-Turn Knob against the middle of the back of the hoof, below the pastern.

2.       Lay the loop fastener (soft fuzzy material) onto hook fastener material across the front of the boot. Boots should fit snugly on the hoof.

3.       Wrap the hook fastener over loop fastener. Press firmly to ensure the boot is securely fastened.

Washing Instructions:
Hand wash in cool water with a mild soap such as Professional's Choice SportsSuds. Rinse thoroughly to remove any soap residue and allow to drip dry. Machine washing is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. (Note do not use solvents or other chemicals on Professional's Choice products.)


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