Ready Pack™ DT

This package is intended to aid in the administration of Boehringer Ingelheim oral vaccines by water delivery.
Non-toxic FD&C blue dye, Sodium Thiosulfate Pentahydrate, CAS#10102-17-7.

Sodium Thiosulfate may cause eye and skin irritation. Releases toxic, irritating gas at high temperatures (100°C). Wear appropriate protective equipment.

Usage Table:

Total weight of group of pigs

Estimated water consumption in 4-hour vaccination period*

Oz. of stock solution needed to vaccinate pigs in group when proportioner is set to deliver 1 oz. per gallon

100 lbs.

0.17 gallons

0.17 oz.

20,000 lbs.

34 gallons

34 oz.

30,000 lbs.

51 gallons

51 oz.

40,000 lbs.

68 gallons

68 oz.

50,000 lbs.

85 gallons

85 oz.

60,000 lbs.

102 gallons

102 oz.

70,000 lbs.

119 gallons

119 oz.

* This table is based on 0.17 gallon consumption per 100 pounds body weight in a 4-hour period. Adjustments may be necessary. This can easily be measured using the proportioner to determine the amount of stock solution that disappears over a 4-hour period.

Pigs will generally drink 8-12% of their body weight per day. The actual amount of water consumed may vary considerably depending on several factors including environmental temperature.

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