EQ Livestock Body Wash Product Information

EQ™ Body Wash
EQ™ Solutions

For safe and effective all-body washing of equine and other short hair animals. Uses powerful hyperactive cleaning particles to penetrate and lift hydrocarbon soil such as fats, oils, greases, proteins and sugars. Will not remove natural oils or dry the skin out. Non-toxic, readily biodegradable.
Versatile, highly filterable, reusable and anti-oxidant in nature. Non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-reactive, non-caustic, non-volatile, non-corrosive.
Contains a plant derived solution formulated from plant seed esters, non-ionic linear alcohol ethoxylated based surfactants, amine reacted tall oil fatty acids, water hardness modifier and de-ionized water.
Does not contain: d-limonene, butyls, silica, caustics, or petroleum ingredients.
Directions For Use:
For best results, dispense using the EQ Applicator connected to a garden hose. Pour solution into applicator bottle, connect to spray trigger and spray onto animal. Once complete, release the bottle and rinse. For heavily soiled areas, let the product dwell for a few minutes.
For Sponge applications, dilute at the rate of 2 oz. per gallon of water. Apply and rinse.
EQ Body Wash is safe to use undiluted on hoofs, tails, manes or any tough to clean areas. Apply, agitate and rinse.

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