Whelping Box Liner
RPM, Inc.

drymate® MAX Surface Solutions

The ideal liner for puppies!

Fast Dry Technology

  • Absorbent fabric contains liquids & prevents soak-through
  • Provides sanitary whelping area—odors & stains wash out
  • Soft, durable, insulated, sure footing for puppies
  • Non-slip backing keeps mat in place
  • Cut to fit any whelping box, edges won’t unravel

Washing Instructions:
Machine wash warm separately, gentle cycle. Hang dry only. Do not bleach.

Nesting instinct of some mothers may cause them to scratch and bundle up liner allowing puppies to crawl underneath liner. To prevent this, secure liner down.

Zorb-Tech® Anti-Flow Absorbency
Absorbent yet waterproof

Made from over 50% recycled fiber.

Made in the USA

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