Dust on Wound Dressing

By Four Oaks Farm-No Thrush®


All-in-one Wound Dressing.  All Natural!   For ALL Animals!


Staunch Bleeding Fast.

Draw & Absorb Discharge.

Create Firm, Breathable Scab.

Allow Body to Heal Naturally

Does Not Damage Live Tissue

Non-Caustic for Proud Flesh

Also For Dehorning/Docking.


Ingredients: Active:  13% feed grade copper salt (copper sulfate pentahydrate.)

Inert:  high-purity airfloated kaolin clay, premium Wyoming-grade sodium montmorillonite, bentonite, food grade distomaceous earth and oregano powder.


Directions:  Shake well before use to reduce settling.  Snip top above cut-line.  Before first use, gently cleanse affected area and remove all debris.  (Thereafter cleanse only if necessary.)  Puff powder directly on and around laceration, abrasion or rash.  Use 1-3 times per day until bleeding and drainage ceases.  Once per day thereafter.  When scab size has considerably decreased continue use 2-3 times per week to aid against proud flesh.


Caution:  Not for human use.  Do not take internally.  Avoid direct contact with eyes.  Use in well ventilated area.  Use mask if desired.


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