Lick Deterrent Aid


Application Instructions:

StopLik™ is designed to be applied over the top of a bandage. A cohesive flex wrap type bandage or breathable veterinary tape is recommended.

At application, be sure the StopLik™ strip completely covers the bandage to prevent the pet from loosening or removing it. Do not apply StopLik™ directly to the animal or wound site.


  1. To Activate: Remove brown paper backing from the front of the strip on the battery end.
  2. Fold end over, so the B symbol is placed onto the top of the battery. The target holes should like up to each other. Press material firmly onto and around the battery to ensure activation.
  3. For Leg Applications: Remove the white paper backing from the StopLik™.
  4. Apply StopLik™ over the bandage starting with the battery end, wrapping around the bandage and back over itself, just past the battery, allowing a 1” overlap.
  5. Trim off excess material with scissors so the breathe holes are not sealed off.


Battery Warning:
Do not dispose of in fire, recharge, replace, or disassemble. May explode, leak or cause personal injury. Keep away from children. Ingestion may lead to choking or acute and serious personal injury. If swallowed call 800-222-1222 in the US. In Canada call collect 416-813-5900.


Intended for pets only—keep out of reach of children.

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