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Formulated For Maximum Absorption. Designed for Joint and Cartilage Protection and Growth.


Glucosamine is a very bio-available nutrient and is absorbed readily. However, glucosamine is also quickly utilized and flushed through the system. Ultimately a longer more consistent supply of Glucosamine disbursed slowly into the system enables your horse to better utilize the joint health properties of Glucosamine. ActiVEX combines pharmaceutical grade glucosamine with our exclusive “X-TENDED” Time Released Glucosamine in a 35% vs 65% blend.


ActiVex ‘X-TENDED’ Time Released Glucosamine is a process that encapsulates each Glucosamine molecule at various un-uniformed sizes. (See Chart Below) The coated glucosamine is broken down over a longer period of time helping to achieve a more constant supply of glucosamine into the horses system.


Other key nutrients found in ActiVEX Joint Formula:

MSM: (methyslsulfonylmethane) – Supplies sulfur that is required to help build collegen. The primary component of healthy cartilage, ligaments & tendons.

Manganese – essential in the formulation of skeletal cartilage and is required in the chemical processes that help the body better utilize the benefits of Glucosamine.

Chondroitin Sulfate: A vital, natural compound that helps keep joint membranes lubricated.


Guaranteed Analysis

Per 2 level scoops (15grams)


Glucosamine HCL & SO4

3,700 Mg


4,600 Mg

Sodium Ascorbate

120 Mg

Chondroitin Sulfate

   100 Mg

Manganese SO4

     20 Mg


Other Ingredients: Fructose, Yucca Powder, Boswella Powder, Magnesium Oxide, Silica


Feeding Directions (per 1100lbs)

4 level scoops daily Loading Dose

2 level scoops daily Maintenance Dose


Storage Instructions:

All vitamins and nutraceuticals are susceptible to deterioration when constantly exposed to air and direct sunlight. To ensure maximum potency keep lid tightly sealed and keep this an all ActiVEX Nutritional Products at room temperature and in a dry area.

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