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A  non-irritating, natural hoof dressing and a general purpose salve.



Lanolin, Glycerin, coconut Oil, Safflower Oil, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Lecithin, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Oil, Anti-sequester Surfactants, Wetting Agents.



Hooves: use to treat dry, cracked, brittle, contracted and sore feet. Hoof-Alive is compatible with the interior of the hoof and will permeate the hoof wall in about 7 days. It will not wash off in excessive wet conditions, not evaporate in hot, dry conditions. Hoof-Alive establishes and stabilizes moisture balance, more expansion, better circulation and hoof growth. (1) Apply every other day the first week. (2) Apply once a week thereafter.


Daily pack Hoof-Alive into cracks and apply. Hoof-Alive to coronet (on hairline) until Hoof-Alive penetrates the hoof wall and displaces the cracks, swelling the cracks shut. Apply twice per week until cracks grow out.

Coronet Soaking Severe Cracks:

 Following proper shoeing (1) Apply Hoof-Alive generously to the Hoof-Alive coronet soaker (available from any Hoof-Alive Dealer) BE SURE TO KEEP SOAKERS AWAY FROM SHAVINGS: (2) Adjust soaker to fit the coronet and strap into place: (3) Soak coronet around the clock for 2 weeks, reapplying approx. ½ oz. Of Hoof-Alive to the fleece every 48 hours. Hoof-Alive should completely saturate the growth tissues and also swell the crack closed from the inside-out in approx. 7 days; (4) Continue to apply Hoof-Alive without soaker onto crack and cornet area twice per week until crack is grown out.

Contracted Heels:

Following proper shoeing or trimming; (1) Soak hoof once, overnight in warmed-up Hoof-Alive using a soaking boot, (2) After removing the boot, follow with 15 min. of daily exercises on SOFT GROUND, (3) Repeat the Hot Soak every 3 weeks while continuing to exercise, until frog begins to develop and hooves expand. Do not use Coronet Soakers with anything but Hoof-Alive. Do not leave soaking boots on more than 12 hours.


Although Hoof-Alive is non-irritating, because of its penetrating nature, do not apply over or with fly sprays, medications or possible irritants. If in doubt, or for sensitive skin, do a patch test. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.


Store in a cool place. Product begins to liquefy at 95° F.



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