Delta® Hoof Boot™



All Purpose/All Terrain/Performance/Protection


Excellent For:

  • All-terrain hoof protection for both occasional and everyday riding
  • Providing comfort for horses with sensitive soles
  • Rehabilitation from hoof injuries and conditions
  • Added protection and traction for the shod horse


Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to put on and take off; stays securely on the foot
  • Raised inner rim offers built-in sole relief
  • Foam-filled back flap and collar for added comfort and protection
  • Durable nylon upper with industrial grade Velcro® closures
  • High performance urethane outsole provides maximum durability and shock absorption while providing traction similar to an unshod foot
  • Drainage holes keep the feet dry and healthy
  • Variety of pads available for therapeutic applications


Fitting Instructions:

  1. The first step in the fitting process is the trim. We recommend that the horse be trimmed based on it conformation. This should be performed by a hoofcare professional.
  2. After the feet have been properly trimmed, measure the length from the toe to the buttress line of the heel. If the horse has under-run-heels, measure to the widest part of the frog instead. Locate the appropriate boot size on the chart. Use the larger size if the horse is between sizes.


Hoof Length

Delta Hoof Boot Size

4” (102mm) - 4 ¼” (109mm)


4 5/16” (110mm) - 4 9/16” (117mm)


4 5/8” (118mm) - 4 7/8” (125mm)


4 15/16” (126mm) - 5 3/16” (133mm)


5 ¼” (134mm) - 5 ½” (141mm)


5 9/16” (142mm) - 5 13/16” (149mm)


5 7/8” (150mm) - 6 1/8” (157mm)



*If the width of the foot is greater than the length, the Delta Hoof Boot may not be suitable


  1. Open the boot completely, lift the foot and insert toe-first. Position the boot so that it is properly aligned with the foot.
  2. Place the booted foot on the ground to set the heel. Visually inspect the inside of the boot for proper fit and alignment.
  3. Push the front flap firmly against the foot. Draw the outer flaps around the foot, pressing them against the Velcro® on the front flap while keeping them level and snug. Fasten the safety strap and keeper, trimming off any excess strap if necessary.

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