THRUSH STOP BLUE “Gel-Staining Formula”

How it works:  Thrush Stop Blue reduces the bacteria & fungi that can cause hoof disease without harming sensitive hoof tissues.  This allows healthy tissue to take hold and prosper.  The applicator tip helps you apply a bead of gel with more control and less waste.


Gel formula penetrates hoof tissue with a blue stain to show where you may need to reapply as the color fades.


Active Ingredients:  Methydyne b, crystal violet, triazole fungicide, Isopropanol.


Directions:  Clean area with hoof pick and brush before use.  Apply daily to affected areas, including white line, clefts, cracks, heels, nail holes, etc.  For prevention, use one or twice weekly depending on climate conditions.


CAUTION:  For external use only.  Avoid contact with eyes.  If contact occurs, flush eyes with water.  Wash hands with soapy water to remove any staining on skin.  Wear gloves to prevent staining on hands.

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