Vetmedics™ Corp.

Safely cleans wounds and skin lesions. Aids in treatment of skin diseases. Enhances coat appearances and restores sheen. Package contains 8 single use rinse-free cleansing cloths with Microban®.

Dermacloth is a prepackaged, disposable bathing/cleansing product for horses and dogs developed as an aid in treating certain skin problems such as: rain scald, ringworm, girth itch, scratches, skin abrasions, wounds, hot spots, and cracked heels. It is also useful for general rinse-free cleaning and grooming at shows, in the field or in the barn. Dermacloth is soap and alcohol free.

Cotton, Cellulose Acetate, Polyester, Water, Non-Ionic Surfactants, Vitamin E, Dexpanthenol Microban Additive and Biguanide (as preservatives), Fragrance.

How To Use:
Open the package containing the cloths and remove one cloth. Reseal package with the top zipper to preserve unused cloths. Wipe cloth over affected areas once or twice daily and then discard the used cloth. Improvements should be dramatic within a few days.


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