Banixx™ Wound & Hoof Care

Sherborn Corp


For Wounds, Fungus, Rain Rot & Scratches, Thrush, White-Line Disease

Quick, effective aid in the recovery of Bacterial & Fungal Infections.


Active Ingredient:

2.5 % Hydronium Solution (H9O4)

Contains No Steroids or Antibiotics


For Wounds, Skin Infections and Fungus

  1. Thoroughly clean infected area with water only if necessary and allow to dry.
  2. Apply BANIXX™ liberally.
  3. Repeat twice daily, as needed.


NOTE: Unless necessary, do not clean affected area between applications.


For Thrush, White Line & Abscess

  1. Clean and dry foot prior to treatment,
  2. Apply medicine boot with 3 gauze pads, or equivalent device, to foot.
  3. Add 3-4 ounces BANIXX™ to boot to soak foot.
  4. Repeat twice daily, 4-5 days.


For best results, keep boot on foot during treatment and apply treatment immediately after your professional has trimmed foot.


Do not store below 32°




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