MatingMark Deluxe Harness


For Rams and Billy Goats


For use in better monitoring of breeding & improved farm management.

Unique world leading design.

  • Fast & simple “click in” crayon change
  • Wide, comfortable & durable straps with brisket mould for snug fit
  • Fast & simple “snap lock” buckles & easy strap length adjustment
  • Convenient triglides to secure loose strap ends
  • Low walls on crayon holder for better crayon usage


To Fit the Harness

  1. Straps can be adjusted for length by simply sliding the strap through the buckle.
  2. Fasten girth strap around animal, leaving short straps & buckles on animal’s back, facing forward from the rings.
  3. Pass the neck straps between the front legs & position crayon holder on brisket.
  4. Pull the neck straps up & cross over on ram’s back, fastening left strap into right side of girth strap & right strap into left side.
  5. Ensure the straps are fastened firmly. Conveniently secure loose strap ends by lifting triglides to slide straps through.


Check harnesses regularly to ensure they remain firm & hold the crayon securely on the brisket.


To Insert Crayon

Remove plastic cover. Slide crayon, narrow end first, into holder until crayon “clicks” past the locking tab.


To Remove Crayon

Hold locking tab down with one hand & push to slide crayon out with the other.

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