QuickFinder® Deluxe

MiracleCorp™ Products


Deluxe Safety Nail Clipper

Designed for Large or Hard Nail Breeds

Ideal for Home or Professional Use


QuickSensor™ Technology created for the QuickFinder® Deluxe makes this safety nail clipper the preferred choice for clipping dog’s nails.


The sensor detects your pet’s quick, then gives you visual cues of red, yellow and green to let you know when not to clip, when to be cautious and when it is safe to clip.


How to Use The QuickFinder®:

Please refer to the Owner’s Manual for detailed operating instructions. Demonstration DVD enclosed.


1. Power on clipper before placing on nail.

2. When light strip shows steady Red move the clipper to the base of the nail. The light strip will remain red.

3. Move the clipper back toward the tip of the nail. The light strip will change to Yellow and then Green when it is safe to clip.

4. Clip nail.


Package contents:

QuickFinder® Deluxe Clipper

Owner’s Manual

Demonstrational DVD

Two LR44/AG13 Batteries



Read Owner’s Manual prior to operating. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use in water. For external use only. Not for use other than for its intended purpose.

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