Hide Lotion

Weaver Leather


For use on show day to condition the hides of slick shorn lambs.


Specially formulated to deliver immediate results, Hide Lotion is the ideal product to achieve a fresh, well-conditioned touch on slick shorn lambs, making it a perfect show day moisturizer.




OPTION #1: Before showing, apply Hide Lotion sparingly to slick shorn lamb’s body.  Allow product to soak in and moisturize hide.


OPTION #2: Before showing, apply Hide Lotion very generously to lamb’s body.  Put lamb in cotton tube or ProCool™ Blanket.  Re-wet tube or blanket repeatedly as it dries to retain moisture and rehydrate lotion for even longer lasting conditioning benefits.  Shampoo with Brightening or Degreasing Shampoo before entering the show ring to achieve the ideal conditioning feel and rinse.


TIPS:  Apply anywhere the hide may wrinkle after slick shearing.  Intended only for the body of the lamb, do not apply to legs.  Suitable for use on all livestock.


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