eZall Green Total Body Wash
eZall Technologies

5 minutes or less for a healthy, shiny coat. As you spray on Total Body Wash with our foamer, it’s already working to loosen and lift away dirt. It simply rinses away—without buckets, sponges or scrubbing. The result is the healthy glow of a clean, shiny coat and smooth, flake-free skin which deters mites and fungus.

eZall has combined science and technology with Mother Nature. No you can have it all, extraordinary cleaning power without harsh chemicals or residue. We bring you the ultimate plant based cleaners from a blend of non-ionic surfactants made from renewable resources.

Do not pre-wet animal.
Attach hose to nozzle.
Turn dial to mix and spray animal with Total Body Wash.
Turn dial to water and rinse.
For heavily soiled areas, allow Body Wash to set a little longer.
For face area, apply Total Body Wash to a damp cloth, then gently wipe clean.

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