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Fast, Free Shipping on most $75+ orders

Ice Horse® Hock Wrap
MacKinnon, Inc.

Delivers instant ice cold relief fast. Effective coverage of the most complex joint in the horses body. 2 hours of cold power. Shapes to the hock. Non-gel formula, reusable insert.

First+Ice is a cold therapy product developed to soothe a horse’s aching hock, tendons, ligaments, muscle and other soft tissue injuries. The dry cold material is solid coming from the freezer. A simple 20 second massage of the re-freezable/re-usable bag results in a loose, flexible cold source that configures to the horse’s hock, cannon and tendon area immediately.

Contains 1 insulated hock wrap and 2 First+Ice inserts.

The Product:
Store the First+Ice packages in your home or stable refrigerator freezer chamber. Remove just before you plan to use. Store in an insulated cooler if you are unable to use them immediately.

The Horse:
Cross tie the horse in a stall or wash rack. Wet down the horse’s hock(s) with a sponge.

The Wrap:
Use 2 First+Ice packs for each hock wrap. Massage the First+Ice pack to loosen the beads of ice-cold relief. Insert 2 First+Ice packs in each wrap after the packs have been massaged. Apply the wraps to the treatment area of the leg and secure with the straps. Three straps on each wrap provide for a well-configured fit to the hock area. After use, the packs can be wiped down with a damp cloth and returned to the freezer until the next use. Store the wrap separately in a dry place.

For Hot Compress Use:
Boiling: Provides the best heating effectiveness. Bring pan of water to boil. Remove from heat. Place inserts in pan for 8 to 10 minutes. Remove inserts from pan. Wrap inserts in a light towel. Place in the Ice Horse wrap and apply to the injured area.

Microwave: Place insert in microwavable container and cover completely with water. Never heat without covering insert with water. Place container in microwave. Heat at full power for three minutes. Time based on 600 watt microwave oven. After heating, remove insert from water. Wrap insert in towel or leg or hock wrap, then place on injured area. If additional heat is required, heat in 30 second intervals.

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