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Fast, Free Shipping on most $75+ orders

Banixx™ for Chixx

Pecking Sores  : Abrasions
Foot Injuries : Skin Irritations

Suitable for All Pets
Quick, effective First Aid in the recovery of Bacterial & Fungal Infections

Made in USA

For all skin problems such as:
Bumble Foot, Pecking Sores, Cuts, Fowl Pox, Fungus, Raw Vent Area Injuries, Foot/Leg Injuries
Also use for Cleaning: Nest Boxes, Incubators, Brooders

Safe for Use around the Eyes

Apply Banixx liberally 2-3 times daily to affected area, 6-8 days or as needed.

Suitable for all Pets

Our non-irritating formula contains no colors, odors, steroids or antibiotics

Active Ingredients: 2.5% Hydronium Solution (H9O4)

Not intended for human use.

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