Leather Therapy® Wash
Unicorn Editions, Ltd.

Excellent for wool/fleece and nylon tack. Highly concentrated and economical to use. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Contains no waxes, oils or additives that trap-in dirt.

Directions For Use:
Spray WASH on a clean sponge or soft cloth for normal maintenance. Do not saturate leather. Use light applications of WASH on dirty leather and allow the cleaning ingredients in WASH to lift the dirt Because the micro-suds contain beneficial lubricants, it is not necessary  to wipe away all excess. WASH is a highly effective cleanser and will do an excellent job cleaning nylon halters, leads, wool pads and galloping boots. A small amount of WASH diluted in a bucket of warm water will safely clean just about anything in the barn. A little goes a long way. Test in hidden area first. Do not use on Suede.

Important: Treat new leather gently. Delicate leather dyes take time to set. To minimize dye loss while cleaning new leather, do not rub hard or use abrasive cloth.

Non-toxic, non-flammable. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children. Keep from freezing. If contact with eyes, flush with water. Use in ventilated area. Dispose of bottle properly.

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