Mouse Magic™


Naturally Drive Mice From:
Homes  -  Sheds  -  Garages  -  Patios  -  Gardens  -  Barns  -  Cellars  -  Wood Piles

Ready To Use Scent Packs

Safe for use around children and pets. All natural ingredients. Lasts for weeks.

People & Pet Safe when used as directed

Great for stored boats, campers, RV’s, cars, farm equipment and more.
Also use in cottages, storage sheds, garages, and basements.

     Peppermint Oil ……......... 2.00%
     Spearmint Oil ……........... 2.00%
     Corn Cobs
TOTAL                               100.00%

Keep Out Of Reach Of Children

Bonide® Mouse Magic™ Mouse Repellent effectively repels rodents from around your home. Apply around homes, garages, barns, sheds, woodpiles, patios, decks, attics, cellars, and other areas where mice may be a problem. May be used in areas where children and pets play.
Bonide® Mouse Magic™ Mouse Repellent is biodegradable and will not harm lawns, gardens, flowerbeds or other desirable plants when used as directed.

This product is exempt from registration with the Federal EPA under section 25(b) of FIFRA, and as such, is not registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. Bonide represents that the ingredients qualify for exemption from registration under FIFRA.

How It Works
The unique blend of ingredients in this product riggers “escape/avoidance” behavior in mice. This balanced blend of natural essential oils humanely provides maximum repellency, without harm to mice or other animals.

How To Use
Indoor Use

Mouse Magic™ is packaged in convenient place packs that can be easily placed where needed. This is particularly helpful for those difficult to reach areas like drop ceilings and behind large appliances, and in preventing infestation of stored pet food and bird seed. Mouse Magic™ also masks scent trails, which helps prevent reinfestation.

To Apply: Simply distribute the place packs around any area rodents hide, feed or congregate. Pay particular attention to areas around walls and other surfaces that may serve as runways, to any areas of potential entry, and to potential nesting areas.
Begin treatment with one place pack per average sized room. Increase the number of place packs, as needed, until desired results are achieved. Heavier infestations may require more place packs per room. While Mouse Magic™ contains essential natural oils, and it’s odor is very pleasant, too many place packs in a small area can be overpowering. Should this occur, simply reduce the number of place packs used. Mouse Magic™ repels Mice for 30 days or more.

Note: Do not apply to furniture, painted surfaces or fine finishes without testing on a small inconspicuous area first.

First Aid
Product can cause moderate eye irritation. For certain individuals, skin irritation may occur. In case of eye contact, flush with plenty of water. In case of skin irritation, wash area thoroughly with soap and water. Seek medical attention if irritation persists.

Storage and Disposal: Store and transport in an upright position. Store only in original container, in a dry place inaccessible to children and pets. Do not reuse empty container. Discard empty container in trash.
Other Precautions: Do not apply directly to water.

Notice: Buyer assumes all responsibility for safety ad use not in accordance with label directions.

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