XXterra Herbal Paste

Larson Labs


XXterra is a herbal formulation containing bloodroot powder and Zink chloride solution for use in treating Sarcoids.



The main ingredient is Bloodroot (Sanguinaria Canadensis). It also contains the alkaloids sanguinarine, protopine, and chelarythrine.


How To Use:

Apply XXterra (3-5 mm thick layer) to the sarcoid daily for 4-6 days. When a swelling and superficial wound appears, stop applying. If the process stops, reapply XXterra for a couple of days. Let the scab fall off by itself.



Apply XXterra (3-5 mm thick layer) to the sarcoid and put on a bandage, check site after 4 days, repeat if necessary.


In up to 20% of the cases the sarcoid will reappear, and it will be necessary to repeat the process. In these cases, start the application again immediately. Less than 2% of the sarcoids reappear after the final application.


Do not allow XXterra to come into contact with the conjunctiva: damage to the eye may be caused.


XXterra dries out the skin: wear gloves to apply it.


For animal use only.



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