Sky-Lytes™ Ultra
Skylar Nutrition

Flavor Enhanced, Buffered Electrolyte and Nutritional Supplement for Swine and Poultry

Sky-Lytes Ultra is a robust flavoring and aromatic electrolyte and nutritional that encourages animals to consume. Sky-Lytes Ultra contains anti-oxidants, buffering agents, and prebiotics that promote improved gut health. Sky-Lytes Ultra is highly water-soluble and be used in water or top-dressed on feed. May be used at any stage to keep animals hydrated and healthy.

Directions: MEDICATORS OR TANKS: Use 1 lb. (.454 kg) per 128 gallons of water. Mix 1 lb. (.454 kg) into 1 gallon of water and meter at 1 oz per gallon of drinking water. FOR DISPENSERS: Add 1 teaspoon to one gallon of water. For enhanced flavoring or during periods of stress, the above amounts may be doubled. IN FEEDS: Use in feed at a rate of 5 lbs (2.3 kg) per ton of complete feed. NO WITHDRAWAL PERIOD.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Phosphorus (min)             1.0%          Riboflavin (B2)                      310 mg/lb
Sodium (min)                    4.0%          Niacin (B3)                          1950 mg/lb
Sodium (max)                   5.0%          Vitamin B5                             980 mg/lb
Potassium (min)               1.0%          Pyridoxine (B6)                        76 mg/lb
Magnesium (min)              .02%          Biotin (B7)                                10 mg/lb
Iron (min)                          .09%          Ascorbic Acid (Vit C)(min)    3300 mg/lb
Lysine (min)                        .4%          Folic Acid (B9)                         10 mg/lb
DL Methionine (min)          .04%         Choline                                   590 mg/lb
Vitamin A (min)     1,130,000 IU          Vitamin K (min)                      215 mg/lb
Vitamin D3 (min)   1,040,000 IU          Iodine (min)                             38 mg/lb
Vitamin E (min)            3,100 IU          Copper (min)                         250 mg/lb
Vitamin B12 (min)   2550 mcg/lb         Manganese (min)                  132 mg/lb
Thiamine (B1)               54 mg/lb         Zinc (min)                             2816 ppm


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