Snuggle Safe Product Information

Snuggle Safe®
Pet Supply Imports, Inc.

Microwave Heatpad.
Up to 10 hours of Warmth.

Instructions For Use
Read Carefully Before Use

Keep these instructions safely so that they are always available for reference.

Before You Start
Snuggle Safe is for use in domestic microwaves only (max 1,500 watts).
Make sure that functions such as grilling or browning (if available on your microwave) are switched off. Remove any metal trivets. Make sure your oven interior is clean, especially the turntable.
Food and drink residue can affect the heating performance of the heating pad and could result in overheating. Do not heat more than one SnuggleSafe at a time.

Using Your SnuggleSafe
1. Place Snuggle Safe on your microwave turntable, select full power and set the timer according to the chart. (If your microwave does not have a turntable, we recommend that you heat SnuggleSafe for 50% (half) of its recommended time, then turn it over for the remaining time. Turn the microwave off whilst you flip the product).

Do not exceed the stated times.

2. When you have selected the correct time, start the timer.

3. When the time cycle has finished, leave Snuggle Safe in the microwave for another minute. During this extra minute, the Snuggle Safe will continue to heat up, even though the power is off. After this extra minute, the temperature of SnuggleSafe will have stabilized.

4. Before removing from the microwave, visually check that you have not accidentally overheated the bottle (see Safety Warning overleaf). When satisfied that the bottle has not been overheated, remove it from the microwave.

Caution: The bottle will be hot. (Surface temperature approx. 65ºC/ 149ºF). If not in its cover, you should use a cloth or ovenglove to handle it.

5. Place Snuggle Safe under your pet’s bedding or under a loose blanket. If a cover is fitted to the heatpad, it is not necessary to place it under bedding, but you must ensure that your pet cannot touch the heatpad’s surface which will be hot. Ideally, there should be good insulation under Snuggle Safe, as this will help to reduce heat loss downwards, thereby extending the heat output.

6. Do not place an uncovered SnuggleSafe in direct contact with your pet’s body as this might cause skin burns in some circumstances. Do not use with any animal that is unconscious or otherwise unable to react to thermal discomfort.

Re-Heating Snuggle Safe
Allow Snuggle Safe to completely cool down before re-heating.

Clean SnuggleSafe by wiping with a damp cloth or spraying lightly with disinfectant and wiping dry. Do not use abrasive substances or scourers.


Power rating

Time in microwave

600-650 watts

8 minutes

700-750 watts

7 minutes

800-850 watts

6 minutes

900-1000 watts

5 minutes

1,100-1,200 watts

4 minutes

1,300-1,500 watts

2 ½ minutes

Do not exceed the heating times.
Overheating can damage the heatpad and may cause injury.
Do not allow animals to bite or chew SnuggleSafe.

The Snuggle Safe contains Thermapol™ which is non-toxic. When the product is heated correctly and in accordance with these instructions, Thermapol remains predominantly in a solid state (approx. 65ºC/ 149ºF). If the product is overheated, Thermapol will start to liquefy and if the product is seriously overheated its plastic casing will eventually melt-down, allowing the Thermapol to leak out. “Serious overheating” is 300-400% beyond the correct heating time (for example, in a 900-1,000 w microwave where the correct heating time is 5 minutes, melt-down and leakage could occur after 20 minutes heating). Overheating will not cause the product to “explode”, so Thermapol will leak from its casing without impact.

If the product appears in any way deformed or leakage is apparent, overheating has occurred. Do not open the microwave door until at least one minute after you have turned off the power, then open the door with caution and DO NOT TOUCH OR DISTURB THE CASING OR THE THERMAPOL AND DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE PRODCUT FROM THE MICROWAVE UNTIL IS HAS COMPLETELY COOLED DOWN. If leakage has occurred, Thermapol will be dangerously hot. When cool, Thermapol will have returned to its solid state and can be removed from hard surfaces with hot water or can be scraped off by using a suitable implement.

Persons who are not familiar with the operation of microwave ovens or who may not be competent with their use should seek the advice and assistance of a competent person. If there is any doubt in this respect, do not use. Do not take risks. Do not allow children to heat the product unless properly supervised. Do not heat in a conventional oven or by any other method.

Understand this: the product’s casing and its ingredients wil always react to heat in a pre-determined way. Used correctly, it can never distort or melt-down prematurely. If distortion occurs and/or its contents leak out, it has been overheated.

The makers and their agents/distributors are not liable for any incidental or consequential damage resulting from the use of this product.

Veterinary Use
A SnuggleSafe heatpad must never come into contact with an animal. At all times the heatpad should be fitted with a cover, or suitable bedding should be placed between it and the animal. We do not recommend the use of the heatpad with anesthetized or unconscious animals because they cannot react to thermal discomfort and this could result in skin burns. Recovering animals which use the heatpad should be monitored to ensure that they can move from the heat if necessary. Never re-heat a SnuggleSafe heatpad until is has completely cooled down.

Do not touch an overheated SnuggleSafe—Allow to cool before handling.

Made in the UK

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