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MotherUp is a spray made with natural essential oils which aids in helping foster mothers accept young orphan calves, colts, goats, and lambs. Contains no animal by-products.

Ingredients: Contains distilled water, natural essential oils, Polysorbate 80


  1. Restrain the foster mother in a squeeze chute for safety while applying MotherUp livestock grafting spray. Avoid contact with the eyes. Extreme caution should be used in case the foster mother does not like the flavor and accidental contact with the eyes may result. Animals generally like the flavor of MotherUp and will lick and enjoy the application.
  2. Shake bottle well before using.
  3. Cover foster mother’s eyes with hand and generously apply MotherUp directly on the nose and mouth.
  4. Cover orphan’s eyes with hand and generously apply MotherUp on the back and head.
  5. After application of MotherUp to the foster mother and orphan, allow the orphan to nurse for the first time while the foster mother is restrained in the squeeze chute. One application will generally work. May need to repeat process 12 hours later.

Use only as intended. Avoid contact to the eyes. Not for human consumption.


If possible, keep at room temperature. If product freezes, allow to thaw before using. Shake well before applying. Product will not be harmed if it freezes.

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