Best Friend™ Cribbing Muzzle
Best Friend Equine Supply, Inc

The Best Friend Cribbing Muzzle allows horses to eat and drink while gently and humanely limiting the damage from a number of undesirable equine behaviors, including:
Cribbing and/or wood-chewing; chewing blankets, bandages or wounds; chewing other objects; biting other horses; biting themselves; biting people.

The nylon and aluminum construction is lightweight, rustproof, rot-proof and easy-to-clean. The Best Friend Cribbing Muzzle is padded for comfort and attaches to your breakaway halter with a four-point breakaway system than enhances safety. Your muzzle is packaged in a free grooming bag.

Measurements: All measurements are approximate.

Type Of Measurement





Diameter of Aluminum Muzzle End Piece


6 ½”

6 ½”

6 ½”

Diameter of Nylon Muzzle


7 ½”

8 ½”


Fitting/Attaching Instructions:
The muzzle should be positioned so that the bars run vertically (north and south). Loop the four straps over the noseband and chin strap of a leather or breakaway halter and fasten. Tow of the straps may be looped through the halter rings for added stability. The muzzle should not fit snugly. There should be sufficient room in the circumference of the muzzle to minimize the chance of rubbing and to allow the horse room to chew. For comfort, leave a small space between the bottom of the muzzle and the horse’s mouth.

Breakaway Feature:
The amount of breakaway resistance can be reduced by moving the end of the strap farther out of the hook-and-loop split. The breakaway system will hold in place under normal circumstances, yet will pull apart if the horse panics and struggles to free itself. This feature greatly reduces the risk of injury to the horse. Moving the metal rings up over the hook-and-loop straps will disable the breakaway system. A leather or breakaway halter should always be used when your horse is left unattended.

Manufacturer’s Suggestions:
If your horse has never worn a muzzle before, introduce it gradually. First, put the breakaway halter on your horse. Then hold the muzzle over your horse’s nose without attaching it to the halter. When your horse is calm with the muzzle being held over his/her face, attach the muzzle to the halter. The muzzle should be used only in supervised or semi-supervised situations. The muzzle allows your horse to eat hay, grain and use a salt lick. In winter, it’s possible for the muzzle to freeze to the horse’s face after drinking. You must decide whether your reason for using a muzzle is worth the potential discomfort your horse may suffer from wearing it in the winter.

Periodically rotating the muzzle 180° will help extend the life of the muzzle. To clean, simply hose off and soak in soap and water.

Important Information:
Since many horses wear cribbing muzzles 24/7, comfort was the primary concern in the design. Steel muzzles tend to be quite heavy and can cause excessive rubbing. To minimize the potential for rubbing, lightweight aluminum was utilized in the construction of the Best Friend Cribbing Muzzle. Aluminum, however, can wear through. It is recommended that you periodically check the bottom for wear and replace the muzzle when the aluminum bars show excess wear. Excessive wear of the bars could potentially be dangerous.


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