Ice Horse® Big Black Boot©
MacKinnon, Inc.

Hoof cold therapy system. Covers from the toe to coronet band. Simple to use; no ice mess.

The Hoof boot is constructed of durable polymer based material, sewn to include top loading pockets for insertion of 2 First+Ice packs. This pocket area covers the entire front of the hoof from the toe to the coronet band.

The Ice Horse Big Black Boot (BBB) system consists of a hoof boot, a polymer horse shoe, and 2 First+Ice cold pack inserts.

Place the First+Ice bags in freezer until frozen solid. Remove bags and massage to break up the frozen contents. Place the bags in the hoof boot.

Cross tie the horse before applying the system. Apply the BBB in a grooming stall or other areas where there is dry footing. Avoid wash racks or similar wet work areas. Special Conditions: If cold therapy is prescribed by the veterinarian for hoof cooling the cold packs can be used under certain conditions.

  1. The horse’s shoe(s) should be removed by the farrier and the hoof trimmed to reduce puncturing the poly bag when the horse’s weight is placed on the sole pouch.
  2. The bag with the cold contents can be inserted in the hoof pouch so that the breathing membrane is visible and exposed at the back of the hoof, while in the hoof boot.
  3. The hoof boot can be positioned on the horse hoof. The poly composite shoe provided is attached with the hood and loop system installed on the composite shoe and the black hoof boot. The curve at the rear of the composite shoe corresponds with the curve of the hook and loop material on the back and bottom of the black boot. Matching thiese tow provides for the proper fit of the completed unit as applied to the horse hoof.
  4. It is not recommended to remove and apply the polymer shoe to the black boot before or after each use. If the hook and loop material separates from the shoe, simply re-apply with an acrylic glue material.

Important: When First+Ice is used as the cold source for the hoof sole/frog area treatment, it should be with the knowledge that the bag breathing membrane could burst due to the weight of the horse when the bag bears the full weight of the animal.

The First+Ice is a consumable product with limited life. Excess wear of the poly bag could cause the bag or the breathing membrane to fail under the weight and pressure of the horse. While trials have been conducted and satisfaction attained , no guaranteed for extended poly bag life is implied or intended.

Please Note:
The Big Black Boot was developed to provide cooling comfort for the horse’s hoof while the horse stands in cross ties in a dry grooming stall. Avoid standing the horse in a wash stall or any other wet environment. This hoof cold therapy product was not intended to be a paddock boot. Do not permit the horse to stand loose in its stall or walk in its paddock while it has the big black boot on its hoof or hooves. Restrain the horse in cross ties when cooling the hoof.


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