WildSide Salmon™ Dog Treats
Wildside Salmon

Treats for Dogs
Pure, Natural, Wild Salmon Dog Treats from Alaska.
Training Treat Size!

WildSide Salmon will drive your canine “wild” with the flavor of their favorite seafood delicacy: Wild Salmon.

Guaranteed Analysis:


             85% min.


              3% max.


              4% min.


              1% max.


            4.5% max.

Please store WildSide Salmon in a sealed container in a dry location. Do not refrigerate.

Ingredients: 100% Raw, Freeze Dried, Wild Alaskan Salmon.
Freeze Dried to a delicate “purrfection”.

WildSide Salmon treats are formulated as a high performance pet treat.

Caught in Alaska and shipped to be freeze-dried and packaged in China.

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