Bovi-Bond Block Adhesive Product Information

Using Bovi-Bond 180cc – Block Adhesive
REF 46130

Bovi-Bond™ is a fast setting urethane adhesive used to bond wood or rubber blocks to bovine hoofs.

• Fast and easy application requiring fewer procedural steps
• Strong and quick-bonding, sets in 30 seconds, weight bearing in 2 - 3 minutes.
• Economical
• No fumes or odors, safe application in enclosed areas
• Material can be stored warm or cold
• One year shelf life

Please Note:
• Bovi-Bond is most easily used between 65° and 85°F (18° to 29° C). See Cold Weather Suggestions.
• Areas of wetness, bleeding or infection should not be covered. Once healed, commence using Bovi-Bond.

Preparing Cartridge:

  1. To open cartridge, cut off the tip at line with nippers. Insert cartridge into dispensing gun, label side up.
  2. Before attaching the mixing tip, squeeze out a small amount to ensure that both sides are dispensing.
  3. Use only Vettec mixing tips. Attach a mixing tip by pressing and twisting clockwise.
  4. When finished, do not release the pressure with the lever on the back of the dispenser. Remove the mixing tip immediately, discard, and replace with a cap. The pressure can now be released. Caps are available from your dealer.
  5. For additional applications, re-equalize the cartridge, and attach a new tip.

Hoof Preparation:

  1. Trim, rasp, or grind to balance claw, as level as possible. Sand and clean thoroughly.
  2. DRY claw with a heat gun.


  1. Heat the block with the heat gun for 10 seconds (in cold weather).
  2. Rapidly dispense Bovi-Bond directly onto the block in a strip about 3/4 to 1 inch wide. This varies with the shape of the claw.
    Option: Bovi-Bond can be applied on either the block or the hoof.
  3. Immediately press the block gently onto the clean, dry claw and hold for 20 seconds. Don't express all the glue. Leave about 1/8 inch, or 2-3 mm, of material between the block and the claw or hoof for faster, harder set.
  4. Material should be HARD and weight bearing in approximately 2-3 minutes.

Cold Weather Suggestions:

  1. Keep cartridges and blocks warm. Tip: Keep both in an insulated "cooler" with microwaveable heat pads or 1 to 2 tightly capped gallon jugs filled with hot water. The material will dispense easily and set normally.
  2. Keep the hoof off the ground one extra minute.

Limited Remedy: Follow instructions carefully. If your application is not covered by these instructions, call 800/483-8832 before using this product. Buyer agrees that if Vettec products are proved defective, the user's exclusive remedy will be, at manufacturer's election, to replace the defective Vettec product or to refund the purchase price for the defective quantity. Manufacturer is not liable for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages regardless of legal theory asserted, including assertion of negligence and strict liability.


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