Curious Pets Love Holiday Decorations

Pets and Decorations

Holidays and the traditions that surround them make this time of year especially festive. From decorating a tree to hanging mistletoe, we invest a lot of time and thought into creating the perfect holiday atmosphere. Have you ever wondered if any of your traditions might lead to a holiday pet emergency?

A decorated Christmas trees is beautiful, but some ornaments and decorations can pose risks to dogs and cats. Have you ever known a cat who could resist the shiny glass ornaments hanging off of the branches? They are irresistible! A few playful bats and suddenly the festively colored globe shatters on the floor. Glass fragments can cut sensitive paws and noses ,and inevitably end up in our bare feet!

Tinsel, ribbons and even lights can be dangerous for cats, and sometimes for dogs too. The string-like consistency of these decorations can be very problematic if a pet swallows the material. The string can lodge in the pet’s intestines and actually generate a saw-like motion, which could lead to perforation and eventually to peritonitis. Veterinarians refer to this as a “linear foreign body” and the outcome can be deadly.

It’s not something we’d normally think about, but curious pets often wonder what’s wrapped inside of those gifts under the tree. Presents that contain any sort of food can be sniffed out and irresistible to some pets! Sometimes mere curiosity can lead an enthusiastic pet to eat ribbon, bows or wrapping paper.

When giving your pets their presents, be sure to monitor them with their new toys or chews. The excitement of the season can lead to overeating and stomach upset for every member of the family!

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