Denamarin Liver Support Supplement Chart

Denamarin Comparison Chart

Denamarin is a liver support supplement containing S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe) and silybin. Denamarin is dispensed only by veterinarians. Over-the-counter products Denosyl and Marin, when administered together, provide the same levels of active ingredients found in Denamarin.

  Ingredients Per Tablet or Chewable
silybin A+B Vitamin E Zinc
  Denamarin Cat/Small Dog
up to 12 lbs
90 mg 9 mg    
Denamarin Cat-Small Dog Denosyl Cat/Small Dog Tablets
90 mg      
  Denamarin Medium Dog
13-34 lbs
225 mg 24 mg    
Denamarin Medium Dog Denosyl Medium Dog Tablets 225 mg      
  Denamarin Large Dog
over 35 lbs
425 mg 35 mg    
Denamarin Large Dog Denosyl Large Dog Tablets 425 mg      
  Denamarin Chewables
for all sizes
225 mg 24 mg    
Denamarin Chewable for all sizes Denosyl Medium Dog Chewable 225 mg      

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