Hand-selected Dressage Tack and Sport Horse Supplements

dressage tack and sport horse supplements

From a spectator’s view, the sport of dressage may appear seamless, an elegant simplicity of circles and diagonals and transitions. As a dressage rider, you well know that “seamless” and “simple” are two adjectives that infrequently enter one’s mind when completing such a complex test. Dressage requires patience, practice and precision. The sport demands an unwavering quality of tack and a horse’s ultimate health and soundness.

With this, our team of equestrians, and dressage-loving enthusiasts, have hand-selected their favorites for dressage saddles, English tack, as well as best-in-class supplements for sport horses, to help you and yours shine.

Dressage Tack

The saddle: Made from supple, quality leather, the Collegiate Integrity Mono offers the dressage rider generous blocks and a deep seat for accurate positioning and added security, ideal for the forward-moving dressage horse. We especially love the white stitching for a subtly bold statement.

The girth: This quality memory-foam padded girth provides competition horses with ultimate comfort, at an excellent value for riders in the irons.

The bridle: This bridle from Kincade offers horses added comfort through a padded browband and noseband, with a removable flash. With its simple elegance and great price point, it’s an equestrian favorite.

Dressage Tack

The saddle: This dressage saddle from Kincade is perfect for the up-and-coming dressage rider or eventer (who in addition, has already budgeted for a jumping saddle). Featuring quality leather, a much-desired deep seat and knee blocks, this is a value that riders, horse-show moms and horse-show dads are also sure to appreciate.

The pads: Colors, patterns and more colors. We are drawn to this soft sage and crisp white pad, which features a lively black-and-white checkered edging.

The girth: The design of this girth allows dressage horses to enjoy complete freedom of movement while keeping the saddle securely in place. Made from durable, synthetic material, maintenance is simple. 

Sport Horse Supplements

Sea Buck 7: Ulcers impact 60% of show horses. This natural, whole-food-based dietary supplement promotes gastric health and digestion. It also helps maintain a shiny coat and improved focus and temperament.

Black as Knight Coat Enhancer: Summer sunshine is known for its havoc wreaked on a dark horse’s coat. Help prevent bleaching with this supplement, which is proven to keep black, bay and dark coats rich and shiny year-round. Added bonus: also improves the health of hooves, manes, tails and coats of every color.

Healthy Coat Top Dressing: This five-star apple-flavored top dressing provides horses with a rich source of essential fatty acids and vitamins, improving skin and coat conditions, performance, energy and overall health. It’s a favorite among equestrians and the perfect addition for competition horses.

You can find more equine wellness and equestrian favorites on our website and in our catalog.

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