Have Questions about Dog Treadmills?

Learn more about dog treadmills, which help overweight dogs and hyperactive dogs live healthier, happier lives.

Dog Treadmills

Whether you have an overweight dog, a hyperactive dog, or you are rehabilitating your pup after an injury or surgery, a dog treadmill could be beneficial for their health and happiness. Find answers to FAQs about dog treadmills below!

What are the benefits of a dog treadmill?

  1. Always weather-permitting and convenient. Dogs need between 30 to 45 minutes of exercise per day, and with our busy human lives, sometimes this can be difficult to fit in. The dogPACER dog treadmill provides the perfect solution to busy schedules. Every day is a perfect day indoors to walk or run your dog.
  2. Offers mental and physical stimulation. A study of over 1,000 dogs demonstrated that a dog exercise treadmill gives your dog the needed cardio and mental release to live happier, more balanced lives.
  3. Designed especially for dogs. Always avoid using human treadmills, as dog pacer treadmills are quiet, streamlined, and safely designed especially for dogs.
  4. More exercise for a healthier weight. Even just 5 extra pounds can cause dogs to experience health challenges like osteoarthritis and diabetes. Dog obesity can even shorten their lifespan.
  5. Covers more ground. A dog treadmill gives them the opportunity to really stretch their legs and run. This is especially important for apartment dogs and dogs with smaller backyard spaces.

My dog gets plenty of exercise, how would my dog benefit from a treadmill?

After you have taken your dog for a walk, your dog is warmed up and really ready to run. In the wild, dogs would travel many miles a day, but through domestication (and becoming the cutest couch potatoes we know), they now spend the majority of their time resting on their joints, getting in far fewer steps. DogPACER treadmills give your dog their daily release to live a more natural life. Your dog will be happier, and you will see the difference.

Why is exercise so important for dogs?

Exercise is crucial to dogs’ health, wellbeing and even their mental state. Adequate amounts of exercise have been shown to generate a calmness and relaxation for pets. Ultimately, exercising your dog on the dogPACER treadmill will help them rest more calmly, improve joint health, strengthen bones, and enhance their mental alertness, while also strengthening their cardiovascular system.

Why can’t dogs use a human treadmill?

Human treadmills are built for upright control, as the control panel is at a level that a human can easily control when walking or running. With the computer in the front of the machine at a low level, you can control everything when your dog is on the treadmill. Human treadmills also have no side panels; the side panels on the dogPACER treadmill helps to keep the dog focused on what is in front of them (you!). If they are on a human treadmill, they could be blocked from the front, presenting difficulty when exiting off of the treadmill. Human treadmills that are not motorized are not recommended for dogs, and those with motors can be loud and cause your dog to become scared.

Before using a dog treadmill, what are things to consider?

  • Consider your dog’s size when starting them on an exercise plan with the dogPACER treadmill. Small dog breeds will have shorter legs that cannot match the same speed as larger breeds. There are small dog treadmills and large dog treadmills available, so you can choose the best option for your dog.
  • Keep in mind your pup’s average speed. Make sure to start your dog out on a low speed and slowly increase the speed to a point your dog is comfortable with. Make sure your dog isn’t going too far forward or that their feet are not going off the back of the treadmill. Consult with your veterinarian about treadmill use, especially if your dog has any specific physical conditions like hip, joint or heart conditions.
  • Combining a healthy diet with exercise on the dogPACER treadmill will help ensure your dog’s healthy weight and happiness. Nutrition fuels their health and is the best way to get your dog to a healthy weight.¬†
  • Praise is very important for your dog; just as you’re there alongside your walking and workout buddies, cheer them on! Let them know you’re proud of their success.
  • Remember to incorporate regular outdoor stimulation for your pets, such as socializing your dog and taking them on walks, hiking, or other outdoor activities as outlined above. Outdoor stimulation is an important part of your dog’s lifestyle for optimum health and happiness
  • Can dogs run on the treadmill together, or only one at a time?

    Dog trainers and veterinarians agree that it is safest for one dog to enjoy the treadmill at a time. This is because of several reasons, such as dogs walk or run at different paces, which presents risk for injury. Additionally, having multiple dogs on the treadmill can reduce the focus a dog needs to maintain while exercising on a dog treadmill.

    What are some suggested training tips for the dogPACER Treadmill?

    Training your dog to use a dog treadmill is easy and simple. Here are a few tips to get you started! Watch the video to learn more and follow along step-by-step.

  • Walk them on and off of the treadmill at least three times, using a leash connected to a harness, not a neck collar.
  • Once they are comfortable and showing no signs of anxiety, turn the dog treadmill on a slow speed.
  • Stand in front of the machine, never leaving them unattended unless your dog will walk or run without being leashed on the machine, and encourage them to walk forward.
  • Treats or a favorite toy can be used to encourage them to stay close to you, near the end of the dog treadmill.
  • Slowly increase the speed while closely watching their comfort level, ensuring they are not tiring or anxious.
  • Three to five minutes is the recommended time for dogs to be on the treadmill for their first time. Consult with your veterinarian about an appropriate length of activity for your dog.
  • Keep in mind patience and encouragement, as they become comfortable with their new equipment.
  • Once your dog has become comfortable with exercising on the treadmill, you can establish a routine for them.
  • There are three custom training programs already built into the dogPACER ¬†treadmill, developed with the guidance of certified dog-training professionals. If your goal is to help dogs lose weight, interval workouts are recommended. You can set the dogPACER to various speeds and incline levels for dogs of all ages and sizes. Always remember to consult your veterinarian before starting your dog on any training or rehabilitation exercising before using the dogPACER.

    What are the risks of dog obesity?

    According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, some 55.8% of dogs in the U.S. are considered overweight or obese --- that’s an estimated 50 million doggos carting around extra pounds that could impact their health, happiness and even time on earth with us. There are many health risks an overweight dog could face, including: reduced life expectancy, diminished quality of life, Osteoarthritis, diabetes and kidney dysfunction, among others. Ask your veterinarian how weight management prescription pet food, formulated by veterinarians and nutritionists, could aid your dog on his weight loss journey and offer the ultimate nutrition he or she needs.

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