Saddle Demo Program

Wish you could ride in the saddle first?
Try our customer-friendly demo offer!

  • Talk to one of our Saddle Specialists or click here for saddle fitting information.
  • Try the saddle for 10 days
  • $50 demo fee and the shipping charge both ways* will be credited toward purchase of a new saddle
  • Return instructions and pre-paid label will be enclosed with demo.

* first demo only; if additional demo saddles are required, shipping will be charged

Saddle Demo

Select a Western Demo Saddle

“Try before you Buy” Details

Cost of shipping and new price of saddle will be charged to your credit card at the time demo is shipped. Upon return of the demo, your card will either: 1) be refunded, less shipping costs and demo fee, or 2) the entire amount including shipping will be credited toward purchase of new* saddle.

For example, if you order a demo saddle costing $1,300.00, your card will be charged for $1,300.00 plus shipping ($16.35 to zone B). When you return the demo, if you decide to order a new saddle, you will be credited back the full amount of $1,316.35 to apply toward new saddle. If you decide not to purchase, your card will be credited back $1,250.00 less the return shipping cost of $16.35 = $1,233.65 credit.

If you wish to keep the saddle a few extra days, a fee of $5.00 per day will apply.

Some demo saddles may be new when shipped, and if satisfactory, can be purchased.

*New saddle must be purchased at the time demo is returned to receive credit for the demo and shipping costs. Save all packing materials and original box. To return saddle to Valley Vet, carefully repack saddle into original box. Include tie strap, girth, etc. if received with saddle. Seal box with tape and apply the prepaid UPS label. Take to a UPS pick-up point, or call 800-PICK UPS (800-742-5877) to schedule a pick up.

Select a Western Demo Saddle

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