Equinyl Combo 11.25 lb + Free 1.875 lb

by Vita Flex Nutrition

Purchase one 11.25 lb. Equinyl Combo, get one 1.875 lb. Equinyl Combo free.

A totally new way to manage the pain and inflammation caused by daily exercise, without gastrointestinal side effects. Uses ComfortX, a concentrated milk protein, to provide joint health support, increase flexibility and shorten recovery time by reducing the emigration of neutrophils to the site of the inflammation. A two-phase delivery system provides an immediate supply of 4000 mg glucosamine, while 1000 mg patent pending time-release glucosamine continues to release over a 24 hour period, 24 times longer than regular glucosamine. Each 1 oz. dose also contains 7500 mg MSM, 875 mg chondroitin sulfate, 3000 mg ComfortX (MicroLactin) and 1575 mg Ester-C. Give 2 oz. daily for the initial 1-2 weeks, then 1 oz. daily for maintenance. Meal.

Item: 17915 Size: 11.25 lb + Free 1.875 lb $219.95 Shipping: 12 lbs