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Fast, Free Shipping on most $75+ orders
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Our hometown roots run deep at Valley Vet Supply, and we call the farming community of Marysville, Kansas home. We are proud to provide our employees with more than a job but a career and workplace in which they can feel valued and at home. Valley Vet Supply employs more than 150 people, with 25 percent of our team having spent more than 10 years of their career with us.

Learn more below about Marysville, Kansas, the small town we call home-from Pony Express history to descendants of 1920's circus performers that still frequent the red-brick streets of our town today!

History of Marysville, Kansas

View of main street with store fronts in Marysville, Kansas Marysville is located near the Big Blue River, dating back to the 1850's as a small settlement before Kansas statehood. Adventurous souls, such as soldiers and gold seekers, were often spotted here on their journey westward.

The Pony Express in Marysville

Pony Express sign on stone building Marysville was the first home station on the Pony Express route west of St. Joseph, Missouri. Constructed in 1859 as a livery stable and working blacksmith shop, the impressive structure remains standing and open to the public as a museum.

Once-historic Stockyards

Aerial view of stockyards with city name of Marysville Marysville was home to the largest covered railroad stockyards in the United States - the Union Pacific Stockyards. Built in 1917, the impressive facility spanned a quarter-mile wide and housed some 3,000 carloads of livestock annually.

Photo credit: Marshall County Historical Society

Black Squirrel City

Statue of black squirrel with artistic design In the 1920's, a traveling circus stopped overnight in the Marysville City Park. A curious child opened their cage of black squirrels, setting them free and embarking a living legend to this day. Dubbed Black Squirrel City, it's estimated that one in five squirrels in Marysville is black!

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