Hair Savior Livestock Adhesive Breakdown

by Sullivan Supply

Hair Savior Livestock Adhesive Breakdown is an adhesive breakdown that is healthy for leg hair. Features a proprietary blend of the purest mild cosmetic grade, plant-based ester formulation to gently and easily remove adhesives and touch-ups. Specific ingredients were selected for their unique ability to naturally counter-act the tackiness of adhesives and gently dissolve the bond from the hair without any harsh stripping action. Does not leave heavy oil residues that build up heat and eat away leg hair. Contains the Vita Hair vitamin package to rejuvenate the hair shaft. A neutral pH that is similar to rain water makes it gentle. Free of abrasives that can be irritating to the hide and hair.

Item: 31172 Size: Quart $25.95 Shipping: 1 lb
Item: 31267 Size: Gallon $66.95 Shipping: 10 lbs


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