2x Premium One-Year Paste Horse Wormer Pack

by Valley Vet Supply

Includes the control of tapeworms in the Spring and Fall

Each pack offers protection for one 1200 lb. horse for one year. 2x Premium One-Year Wormer Pack rotates between all 3 classes of wormer to provide comprehensive year-round rotational parasite control, including the control of tapeworms in the spring and fall (2x as much tapeworm control as the Premium One-Year Wormer pack.)

* Jan/Feb-1 tube Pyrantel Pamoate
* Mar/Apr-1 tube Oxibendazole or Fenbendazole
* May/June-1 tube Praziquantel Combination
* July/Aug-1 tube Pyrantel Pamoate
* Sept/Oct-1 tube Oxibendazole or Fenbendazole
* Nov/Dec-1 tube Praziquantel Combination

Item: 12223 $42.49


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