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Fluvac Innovator 6 (3-way S. Sickness + Tet. + Flu + Rhino)

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Fluvac Innovator 6 (3-way S. Sickness + Tet. + Flu + Rhino) Zoetis Animal Health
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4 of 4 people found the following testimonial helpful.
No Problems
Posted By: A Bibby (NORTH BEND, OR) May 26, 2010

The vaccines arrived in excellent packaging - exceeded my expectations by far! I did both my 18 year old mare and her 2.5 month foal without any problem.
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44 of 46 people found the following testimonial helpful.
In Reply to The Last 2 Posts About This Product...
Posted By: CQAF (SAINT ALBANS, ME) Feb 25, 2009

I've got the feeling that these side effects are from the Tetanus ingredient. If you guys have personally had a Tetanus shot, it causes the muscle it's injected into to be quite sore and stiff for a few days. We've had a couple horses react the same way. They seem lethargic because they don't want to move their heads, either up or down. That's why they come off their feed, too. If you can put their grain at their "natural" head level, so they don't have to raise or lower it, for their grain or water, they may eat more willingly. On the other hand, it may make them feel the "need" to reach and USE the muscles sooner, by keeping things the way they are. Just thought you might like some extra input from someone who has seen it and worried. We now have 12 horses, and I'm still ordering the same product to give again this Spring.
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37 of 40 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Never had a problem
Posted By: N. ETHERIDGE (BARCO, NC) Aug 22, 2006

I have used this vaccine for 3 years on my 8 horses and never had a problem with it. My horses might be a little bit sore for a couple of days but I have never had anything more serious develop. But if you think about it that is kind of expected-you are injecting live virus into them, I think that it is within reason for them to be a little bit sore.
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51 of 51 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Fluvac Inn 6
Posted By: ridgerunnerme (ODESSA, TX) Jan 23, 2006

I used this item on my 3 horses and found no trouble, they all are doing great, eating and drinking well and are now I can relax about getting anything from any other horse that might come into the barn. I will be renewing it again in 4 weeks and again in a year. As with any meds different animals might react different to this or any given med. It is up to you to understand your animal and treat according. Kathy in Texas
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60 of 68 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Fluvac Innovator
Posted By: Aries Comet's Momma (PAHRUMP, NV) Jun 26, 2005

Since I'd never vaccinated my mare before, I thought it best to call my vet and have him do it. I can tell you, he used this same product with my mare, and she had the same symptoms as Mickey for about 2-3 days after receiving the vaccination; loss of appetite, lethargic, stiff, tired. My vet told me to EXPECT these side effects. It's kind of like how kids react when they receive their immunizations. Ari had no adverse side effects, just the common ones I was told to look for. Like anything with your horse, take care when giving any medication, and if you don't really know how to administer the med check with your vet. If I did something on my own, and I wasn't sure I was doing it right, Ari would pay the price for my pride.
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116 of 123 people found the following testimonial helpful.
I have had the same thing happen with my mare.
Posted By: L. COLEMAN (MONTROSE, IA) Jun 17, 2005

As Mickey's Mom posted, I have experienced the same thing with my mare. However, my stallion has never shown any complications from the vaccine. I first noticed this about 3 years ago; there had been no problem before. I did some searching on the internet and found several posts regarding the same symptoms that my mare had (swollen neck, slight fever, moving as if foundered). From what I read, Ft. Dodge had changed the vaccine a little and horse owners started reporting that their horses were experiencing problems. I believe that they said it was from either the flu or rhino part of the vaccine (it might have been both?). There were some people that were moving to the intranasal type for the flu portion of the vaccine. My mare was fine after a few days and, as I said before, my stallion never did show any problem. I asked my vet about it after their last vaccination and she said that I can give her a shot of (I forgot the name; she told me to ask her about next time I vaccinate) and it should help with the swelling and stuff. This is the only vaccine I have used on my horses and I feel safe enough about it to continue using it for my horses. If my mare had not shown any problems, then I would rate it 5 star.
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