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Source Micronutrients Original Dry Meal Formula

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4 of 4 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Long Time Source Micronutrients Original Dry Meal Formula User, 33 Years.
Posted By: JBooth (MAGNOLIA, TX) Jun 29, 2012

Just have to let you know how committed I am to Source. I have used it for 33 years. It continually keeps all of the horses in the best of condition. Source Micronutrients Original Dry Meal Formula aids in strong healthy hoofs, wonderfully shiny coats and superb over all health. I showed using it for years and now my daughter's show horses (and all of our other horses) are on it. She is successfully showing at the Grand Prix level in show jumping and Source goes with us where ever we travel.
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4 of 4 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Source Micronutrients Original Dry Meal Formula
Posted By: J. KALLINGER (DARLINGTON, SC) May 7, 2012

Hi, My old boy, Bandit is 36 years and just over 4 months old. He is an Appaloosa gelding. He has been retired to the pasture for the last 5 years. His barn door is always open at his pleasure. Clean cool water, salt, pasture in the summer and abundant Bermuda Coastal Hay in the cool of the winter here in South Carolina.

Just a little over two years ago I started feeding both him and my other four horses a daily dosage of Source Original Dry Meal Formula. I wish to thank you so much for your product. I have not had one case of colic in the last two years. My Appaloosa always inherently suffered from eye tearing and stain, his bowel movement was continually loose; he colic-ed regularly. I read your ad in Valley Vet Supply, tried it and no more than 60 days later he attained wonderful health and maintained it for over two years now. His eyes are clear and dry, his winter coat is full and thick, his summer coat is smooth and glistens in the sun. I have now supplemented his twice daily grain feed with your Focus WT as he is beginning to lose body weight and muscle mass due to his extreme age.

My other five rescued horses, all Tennessee Walkers, also have twice daily grain rations supplemented with your Focus HF and free range pasture. They could not be healthier. My Vet said to me, "whatever you are doing -- don't stop."

Jerry Kallinger, South Carolina
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43 of 44 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Have Used Since 2003
Posted By: Sussy (JACKSON, MN) Apr 7, 2008

I started my now 20-yr-old Appendix gelding on Source in 2003; Reggie was 15 then and had not had the best life. I was his 7th owner in his 14 yrs of life. He'd been shown by several youngsters, who sold him as they outgrew him. But he was perfect for me! I have since moved him from Colo to Minnesota, where he and his equine buddy are fed Source with their regular diets of hay, minimal grain and all-day in the pasture. Reggie's energy, coat, hooves and weight are terrific. He hasn't had a single "off" day, and the vet told me last year that he has the teeth of a 4 yr old. She couldn't believe he was 19. I can't say for sure it's the Source, but I can say I'm not going to stop using it. My 10 yr old gelding is doing great too.
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83 of 85 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Wonderful results
Posted By: hossgal (DENVER, CO) Nov 26, 2005

I started using Source 20+ years ago, after reading their ads that consisted of unsolicited, uncompensated glowing accounts of the results others got using it. I used Source when I was conditioning my horse for a cross-country journey. In 1982 I rode Joey from Pennsylvania to Texas. He had always had good, solid hooves - he could go barefoot or shod, never threw his shoes, etc. After I started feeding Source, a visible line grew out in the hoof, with even denser hoof wall above it. Source was the only consistent foodstuff he had along the way. We depended on feed stores and farmers along the way to provide whatever grain they had, and he might get all corn one day, all oats the next, and sweet feed the next, plus all the grazing he needed. He maintained good weight, health, and soundness throughout the 5 1/2 month long trip. We had no set schedule and I left it up to him to determine how fast and how far we went each day. About 5 years ago, my friend's cat was diagnosed with Lupus. The cat was a bag of bones and her eyes were continually crusted. In general, she looked 'not long for this world'. My friend started to sprinkle a tiny pinch of Source on the cat's food each day. That cat is now a bit overweight, has clear eyes and plenty of energy.
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64 of 68 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Love this Stuff!
Posted By: Solitairemare (HUNTINGTON, NY) Apr 22, 2005

I have been feeding Source to my horses since about 1980. It doesn’t make them "high" or "hot" but rounds out their diet and gives a nice coat, stronger hooves and improves stamina. Great product. Highly recommended.
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