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The Best Ball

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The Best Ball HUETER
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21 of 22 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Best Ball - It really is
Posted By: Bella's Mom (PARMA, OH) Sep 11, 2008

I have a lab/shep mix that destorys anything and everything, buying toys for her is a real struggle. I read the one review saying her pit bulls haven't destroyed it yet so I thought I'd give it a try. I bought the 6" and she loves it!! She has teeth marks dug all over it but its still completely solid and that was months ago - I am going to buy the 10" next so she has something new.
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25 of 26 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Best Ball is like Soccer for Dogs :)
Posted By: Louise (PENSACOLA, FL) Jul 5, 2007

My little 47 lb monster "Radar" eats toys that are rated for 150 lb dogs in under an hour. He's an American Staffordshire Terrier who loves all toys. While the Jolly Ball is his favorite, he now has a 10" and the smaller Best Ball to kick around in the yard. I love the bright colors, and the fact that he can't "kill" this ball. It is made of very hard plastic, so throwing the ball to him is not a good idea at all. Radar plays so hard for so long that sometimes I have to stop him from overheating. I can't imagine he will ever be able to pick up the ball with his mouth, but anything is possible! The day the boxes arrived was Christmas for Radar, he was thrilled. It truely is a Great Ball :)
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26 of 26 people found the following testimonial helpful.
This is the best ball
Posted By: L. LODING (Wicomico, VA) Jun 24, 2007

I have 6 Rotties... and they destroy everything. Our largest male, loves these balls. I have three of the large ones and 2 small ones. He can even get the big one in his mouth and carry it around. It's quite hilarious. He kicks it, love playing soccer with it. They have faded from the sun, but they are about 2 years old, and still ticking.
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32 of 32 people found the following testimonial helpful.
The Best Ball is Best!
Posted By: BSBinx (CONVERSE, TX) Mar 3, 2007

I purchased a Best Ball from another company around 1997. My dog has since passed, but the ball is still around. He was an Australian Shepherd and herded this ball for hours or attempted to get me to play soccer. It was his favorite toy and is now being passed down to another dog. This ball held up from years of use and the South Texas sun, which faded the color, but did not harm the ball. I am currently purchasing a second one, that is smaller.
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104 of 105 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Best Ball for Big Dogs
Posted By: AnimalLover x7 (SACRAMENTO, CA) Jun 21, 2006

I have 3 large pit bull females and they have destroyed every chew toy/bone/etc that I have ever purchased within hours, not to mention as puppies furniture, fences, windows, and dog doors. They can dig a pit in my backyard in an instant. I have had the best ball since March of 2006 and it is their favorite toy. It has outlasted anything I have been able to get for them. They have had it for 4 months now and it hasn't been completely indestructible as mentioned but only has a golf ball sized hole in it and lots of teeth marks. I think under normal dog use it would probably be indestructible. I bought the 6" and it was just a little bit too big for them to get in their mouth but once it got scratched up a bit one of them was able to carry it around. But, until she could get it in her mouth she knocked it around the house like crazy. The other two of my dogs still cant get it in their mouth so they just chase the other dog that has it. Mind you these are big dogs, with strong jaws. If they had a 4" one it would probably be perfect for carrying around with them, but they might chew it up faster. I am very glad I bought the Best Ball for my dogs.
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