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Exceptional Product
Posted By: Lisa JW (WEST ALLIS, WI) Jun 7, 2013

Cannot recommend this product enough. Every horse owner should have a tube on hand. One of my horses went into gut distress after a barn move. Gave her 1/2 tube at first sign of distress and 1/2 tube the next day. By day 3 she was as sound as ever. Another horse developed terrible diarreha after starting the spring pasture grazing introduction. Gave her a full tube immediately. Her gut was back to normal the next morning. The relief I felt each time is priceless!
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Never Without Immediate Response
Posted By: dappledoya (REDDICK, FL) Mar 5, 2012

I know why they call it immediate response. My 29 year old TB had response to some hay. (change of zip codes will do that) Started to go into a colic. I noticed it right away and gave him a full tube of Immediate Response. Within minutes Immediate response saved the day. When you are travelling you never know how the hay is going to effect your horse. Especially the older horses. I know he'll have a bad day (one day) but it's not going to be today! Great Product!
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Chewer of wood
Posted By: 3B Country Girl (SANBORNTON, NH) Sep 25, 2011

I have several horses. My Palamino was in the barn getting spoiled. She likes to chew though and forgot to put her "no chew" collar on. Later that day, started acting Colicky. I walked her for an hour, she pooped many times but still had really bad stomach issues and kept wanting to go down. I used Immediate Response. She didn't mind the taste at all. Within .30 min. She was eating again and acting like nothing had happened. Thank you for your great product!! Would recommend to keep on hand at all times.
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pretty good stuff
Posted By: kms (RISON, AR) Mar 9, 2009

My 26 year old mare has a hard time going into heat during the winter. So, every year I prepare to load her up and cart her an hour away to the vet when she starts showing the colic symptoms (laying down, no appetite, biting at flanks). She began these symptoms and I called a neighbor who had some banamine and gave her a shot of that. She got better and went into heat so I thought all is well. The next day same thing happened only worse, she laid down head and all and wouldn't get up. I had just gotten a tube of this stuff and thought I'd try it since I had nothing to lose. Low and behold she perked up within a hour, ate her feed, and seems to be doing fine. I haven't noticed any more symptoms since.
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colic after long mountain rides while horse camping
Posted By: siskyou mt. rider (WILLIAMS, OR) Jul 16, 2008

My quarter horse mare colicked after a 5+ hour ride up to the 8,000 foot level on a mountain campout. On this first occasion I did not have any type of medication with me. Far from civilization, I really didn't know what to do. She did snap out of it after about 1/2 hour. I ordered Immediate Response after returning home. Last weekend we again went horsecamping for 4 days and I watched what the mare 'snatched' on the trail more carefully. Again, the second night she started to colic at 3a.m.. She resisted getting the tube of Immediate Response in her mouth, so I mixed it with some rice bran, grated carrot and water. She ate it and almost immediately seemed fine. She never colics at home and I actually ride her harder. I'm guessing it might be a stress reaction. P.S. I'm ordering more for the next ride. Siskyou Mt. rider
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