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Cosequin® ASU

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Cosequin® ASU Nutramax Laboratories
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7 of 7 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Cosequin ASU Palatability
Posted By: mule chick (ARLINGTON, WA) Sep 19, 2012

A supplement doesn't do much good if you can't get them to eat it. My 13 year old molly mule has always been extremely picky about supplements and I usually have to work hard to disgiuse them, often without success. When my vet recommended Cosequin ASU, I thought it was going to be another fight to get her to eat it. We have just started her on it and I have been amazed to see her eat it with such gusto. She even licks the corners of her bucket to get it all out. I didn't have to add anything at all to her pellets to cover the flavor. it's too soon to tell if it will help with her lameness, but at least the hard part of getting it down her has been a snap.
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21 of 21 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Cosequin® ASU Is A Great Product!!!
Posted By: E. KURYLA (CANANDAIGUA, NY) Jan 6, 2012

My elderly QH gelding, 26 at the time, was down in the pasture and couldn't get up. I called the vet and she gave him some meds and we worked on him for over an hour. Finally one touch from a cattle prod (not my favorite thing to use but this was an emergency) gave him the motivation to get up. My vet then recommended that I start him on Cosequin ASU. That was over a year ago and I haven't had problems with Brick since then. He lies down often, and usually rolls in the mud before he gets up, but is always able to get up on his own. I highly recommend Cosequin ASU. I know it works! It has given Bricky a new life!!!
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19 of 19 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Posted By: LORI (WOODLAND, PA) Jan 2, 2012

I have been desperate to find relief/help for my 24 year old retired reining Arab. She has a severe limp and was miserable, especially in cold weather. I have tried everything, spend thousands of dollars and was disappointed each and every time. In some I saw minimal results but with this stuff, HOLY COW! I never imagined my mare being able to walk again without a severe limp due to arthritis. After 4 weeks on this, she doesn't have a limp and actually RUNS in the pasture like she's young again, something I haven't seen her due in YEARS! Expensive YES but worth EVERY PENNY. I could hardly believe how this has lifted her attitude, she seems happy, even playful again and even taking her back to one scoop, she still is better than I have ever seen her with no decline in the results what so ever. I highly recommend this product and I am still in shock at the results. I am so happy that my horse is no longer miserable and is enjoying life again. We may even be able to lightly ride her again this Spring/Summer. Cosequin ASU works like a miracle! It's got all 5 stars from me!!
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51 of 52 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Cosequin ASU Worked
Posted By: R. Nelson (Datil, NM) Apr 19, 2011

I have an 18 year old horse that several months back became crippled up and could barely stand. The cause of this being possibly Osteoarthritis. Within a short time this horse became so stiff and stoved up that I was certain he would have to be put down. He is an exceptional horse, and I was reluctant to give up on him. My vet recommended I contact your Valley Vet Supply and start the horse on a regimen of your product “Cosequin – Item #36131.” I was further advised both by my local Vet and the Vet I spoke with by phone on your staff to give this product some time. Two to four weeks to work. This horse’s condition at the time was extreme. Taking only a few steps proved difficult, and the horse was obviously in pain. I was doubtful that anything could improve his condition, especially after trying other products in the past without observing any beneficial results. However, at the advice of my Vet I decided to give your product a try. I began with the Cosequin Optimized w/MSM, item #36131 –Administer 2 scoops per day in accordance with the instructions. Two weeks of this provided no noticeable improvement at all. I continued with the daily treatment. Four weeks – and still no improvement at all. The Vet on you staff expressed that it does take time advising two to five weeks. After the canister of your product #36131 Cosequin Optimized was running low I called and ordered item #38364 Cosequin ASU and began administering this product on day 30 or at four weeks and two day of treatment. Five weeks…still no improvement. But I continued the two scoops a day treatment. Suddenly, after five weeks and three days I began noticing a dramatic improvement, and now at five weeks and five days or 40 days of treatment the horse has made a miraculous recovery from what I was certain could not be cured. Thank you Valley Vet Supply and your wonderful staff. Sincerely, Robert J Nelson
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131 of 135 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Miracle Drug!
Posted By: untamed58 (BLUFFTON, SC) Apr 10, 2009

Cosequin ASU has provided the miracle I was looking for. My 19 yr. old Appy mare was suffering from DJD in her hocks. The past 3 years she has become more sore and stiff and unable to be ridden more than 30 minutes w/o suffering. I spoke w/different vets and was told the usual about injections, bute, banamine, Adequan, etc. I decided to research myself and tried Cosequin ASU. Within 10 days I had a new horse on my hands. The results have been amazing. We now go for long trail rides with no ill effects afterward. She wants to trot and lope and enjoys every step. Fancy and I thank you Cosequin for an amazing product.
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