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U-Gard Pellets

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U-Gard Pellets Corta Flx
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43 of 46 people found the following testimonial helpful.
U-Gard pellet works great!
Posted By: NancyR (WATERVLIET, NY) Oct 12, 2009

Our horse, a nervous type, didn't always finish his feed and would go off his feed periodically and lose weight. He's been on the U-Gard pellet supplement for over a year now and doing great. Eating ALL his food and gained weight! He can also be picky when it comes to eating supplements, but no problem eating the U-Gard pellets mixed in his grain. And, I like the pellets because it's easy to feed.
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88 of 89 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Great inexpensive alternative
Posted By: JJRichards (COLUMBIA, TN) Mar 30, 2009

I have a gelding that was diagnosed with ulcers, including a really nasty bleeding one. After thousands of dollars in vet bills and treatments with Gastroguard he resumed his life as a healthy happy horse, but I was told to keep him on Gastroguard or Ulcerguard for an extended period to ensure the ulcers didn't come back, etc. I didn't have the available $$ to keep pouring into more expensive meds at the time. So, I changed his diet according to the vet's advice and rather than buying the costly Gastro or Ulcerguard I instead started him on U-gard. It worked great as an inexpensive alternative. He has not shown anymore symptoms of ulcers. In periods of stress, training, etc. I give him the minimum dose daily, as a preventitive. I also like the pellets much better than the powder... my horse eats them right up either alone or with his feed.
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59 of 59 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Posted By: Riding2Win (LONGVIEW, TX) Jan 25, 2009

I have used this product on two different horses over the past five years. I had an aged Thoroughbred gelding who had pulled a suspensory and was on stall rest for 2 months. A lack of grass around the clock combined with stress from being stall bound without "his" herd, he stopped eating grain altogether, was losing weight and his coat got dull. U Guard powder was the first product I tried. He loved the powder and would eat it straight out of my hand! From the first time I put it on his feed, he ate all his grain and licked his feeder clean. He never went off his feed for the rest of the time he was on stall rest and his coat began looking better as well. Once he was cleared for turnout, I finished the bucket and he never had to go back on it. The second horse, is a 15 year old warmblood mare. She has been prone to ulcers over the years and we've had to do 5 day treatments of GastoGuard on her which is effective but expensive! I always have the GastroGuard on hand, but we feed her the U Guard pellets (unlike my TB, she doesn't like the powder) daily as a preventative and have had really good luck with it. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who suspects digestive upset in their horses, it really does work!
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62 of 62 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Highly recommended for your performance horse!
Posted By: A. FORBES (SELAH, WA) Dec 31, 2008

My 16 year old AQHA stud was having terrible gastric problems and nothing was working other than daily banamine (which wasn't healing anything). An old cowboy pointed out that just like humans get their stomach in a knot before going into the arena, so does the horse (well, duh!) and after all Studley's years of competing, he probably had developed an ulcer. Relying on other testimonials on this about this product, I tried it and it not only works but works very fast (within a week for the big guy). It has provided my horse complete relief. I highly recommend it to anyone whose performance horse is tying up or acting colicy.
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113 of 113 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Finally a product that actually works & fast too!
Posted By: NancyB. - Western NC (CANDLER, NC) Aug 30, 2008

My QH mare is finally broke to ride and doing great. After a year of just riding at home I decided to get a trailer and start working with her with traveling in the trailer and start getting her used to the show environment. She loads and unloads great, rides in the trailer pretty good (just whinny's a lot). I was taking her on short rides in the trailer 2-3 times a week then started on longer hauls on weekends. But then I noticed that she would hold her stomach muscles inward and tight and she would be "mouthy & nippy" after each ride in the trailer, especially at new places. Then I noticed that her weight was going down (no change in diet) and her coat getting dull. I called the vet out, he looked her over, did some blood work and other tests, all results came back good including no intestinal parasites. He said that she might have ulcers or be getting ulcers along with possible stomach upset do to the change in routine, new stress of traveling and new places. So he recommended that I try a digestive/ulcer treatment plan. He gave me a list of non-prescription items to try first. 1st on the list was U-GARD pellets/ powder or liquid. I bought the pellet form, and followed the directions on the container. With in 3 weeks I started to see a great improvement, she now travels quieter in the trailer and handles better when at new places. No more nippy-mouthy attitude and her coat shine coming back as well as no more tight tummy muscles! With in 6 weeks her weight has come back! Thank You Valley Vet Equine Department and Corta-Flx for such a wonderful product and at a very reasonable price!
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