Womens On Air Dress Boots

by Dublin Clothing
  • Womens On Air Dress Boots Black - Item # 22849

Womens On Air Dress Boots are made from Permair Leather with an added benefit of a unique micro porous finish, allowing maximum breathability. The boot is instantly soft and comfortable yet long lasting as it incorporates a layer of protection to guard against scuffs, stains, and water. Features a stretch nylon panel that runs down the back of the leg to right above the heel. The panel is constructed of a wet suit grade material, making it durable while maintaining its shape. The inside lining is a combination of a pig leather cuff with Dri-Lex for moisture absorption. The unique combination of the Permair leather and the Nylon Panel make the On Air Boot fit like it was made just for you! With an RCS+ footbed, you’ll end up feeling like you’re walking on air..

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