Bucas Zebra Buzz Off Fly Mask with Ears

by Toklat Original

A joint experiment conducted by universities in Hungary and Sweden demonstrated that a zebra’s contrasting black and white stripes attract far fewer horseflies (tabanids) than a homogenous black, brown, gray, or white coat. The Buzz Off fly mask can be used with the Buzz Off sheets or on its own and provides excellent protection. It is held securely with an elastic Velcro® strap.

Item: 31328 Size: XS (Small Pony) $28.95
Item: 31328 Size: S (Pony) $28.95
Item: 31328 Size: M (Cob/Full) $28.95
Item: 31328 Size: L (Full/Oversize) $28.95
Item: 31328 Size: XL (Oversize/Draft) $28.95


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